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Water bottle design for Hive-FX. Each illustration is a representation of Hive (past and present projects, location, environment, inside jokes, etc.) 

The challenge of this project was creating a design that can be printed in one single color. Design must wrap around bottle but leave a 1/2 inch gap in the back (directly behind logo) for Mizu logo. 

Rough concept sketches.

Printed draft of illustrations

Was asked to make the logo bigger and realized Mizu required a 1/2 inch gap in the back. With these changes the illustrations had to be completely rearranged. Due the design of Mizu's template, it was a challenge to have the design wrap seamlessly while ensuring the Hive logo is directly on the opposite side of the Mizu logo.

Visual render of final design (Image credit to

Final design with Hive logo designed by our producer.

Two color version.

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