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Some initial concepts I did with Hive-FX for National Geographic's new series "Dirty Rotten Survival". The show started airing last fall (2015) and is still ongoing. 


A small excerpt on the show: "Three friends reinvent the great American road trip by giving each other survival challenges. Dick is an engineer, Johnny is a builder and Dave is a primitive survivalist. With each episode they tackle new terrains and challenges with limited or unusual supplies."


I was asked to create something modern and fun. Since the clients weren't set on what concept they wanted in the beginning, I had the creative freedom to try out various styles.

Character Intro Graphics

Character intro graphics. Elements behind each character shows off their personalities and background on the subject. 

Intro Title Concepts/Pitches

Note: The show was initially titled "Surviving America" during early developments, it was used for text placement only.

Retro style concept. I was inspired by the RV used on the show. Everything in here were hand drawn.

We created a motion graphic for this where the RV dropped from above and the car door flew open spilling a bunch of junk/parts. 

Quick animation pitches put together by James Lamacchio.

Idea here was to have the title and car drop from the sky, follow with the junk and car parts.

Moving on with a different concept with the title on a license plate. At this point our clients were getting closed to finalizing what they wanted. 

Final approved license design put together by creative lead.

The RV would drive up a path and the license plate would fall off and hit the camera. You can see the final version on the show. 


Was asked to revise the original to match the whole retro-style print I had going on in the previous concepts. 

Illustration of RV I was going to incorporate into the title intro. 

Several map designs (again, based on the retro style of the previous concepts). 

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