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VICTIONARY : Citix60 Portland

A map illlustration of Portland for Victionary's Citix60 guides. This was one of the most detailed illustrations I've ever done and took 2 months (over 100 hours) to finish. Features over a hundred landmarks and buildings- all referenced from real buildings within PDX. Although I wasn't able to illustrate the entire Portland, I tried to capture the essence of Portland (my home) as I knew it. 

About the citix60 guides: 

"A unique collaboration with local creatives from selected cities, each CITIx60 City Guide points you to 60 hangouts loved by 60 stars of the cities’ creative scene, covering architecture, art spaces, shops and markets, eating and entertainment. All featured artists and designers are at the cutting edge of what’s on and when, and known for their accomplishments from film making and culinary innovations to advertising and design." 


Over 500,000 copies sold in 2015 worldwide. 

Find this book in stores near you or purchase the guide book here

Citix60 Portland guides and giclee prints are available for purchase at Victionary

Color variation 02 (different size) prints available at Tender Loving Empire PDX

Area of Portland used

Rough Sketch

Lots of researching was done during this phase. Listed over 100 popular landmarks, popular restaurants, hang out spots, bridges, etc. 

Color & Style Sample/Pitch

Final illustration : Version 01

Final illustration for Victionary: Version 02

       Book template showing front & back

Images courtesy of Victionary 

Images courtesy of Victionary 

Poster with all the illustrated buildings

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